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Protected: Student First Rental

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Offering Flexible Leases for Student Housing

Student First Rentals is an initiative to recognize landlords going above and beyond to provide flexible leasing options for students during these uncertain times. Landlords committed to providing terms which ease the financial strain on students will receive a “Student First Rental” badge and a FREE Premium listing on our Off-Campus Housing Service.

Students - What does "Student First Rental" mean?

  • Landlord has committed to offering flexible housing solutions to students in the McMaster community.
  • Solutions may include month-to-month leases, flex pricing, easy-exit clauses and more.
  • Landlord listings qualifying for the program will receive “Student First Rental” badge on their featured photo and a complimentary Premium listing.

Note: all tenancy agreements are private contracts determined between the landlords and tenants. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure the terms of contract are agreeable to both sides before signing.


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