We are excited to improve the Mac Off-Campus user experience with a new development partner. Existing operations concluded on October 10th, 2023 and we look forward to relaunching the website in early 2024.
While we wait for the much anticipated Mac Off-Campus relaunch, McMaster has partnered with an interim platform to continue to offer this much desired service. Once details are finalized we will share instructions to get started posting ads.
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McMatch User Profile Questions

Completing Your McMatch User Profile

The following information will be imported from your McMaster student account. This information is not public and cannot be changed.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • McMaster email address

McMatch Application

The following fields are part of the McMatch application. Users are encouraged to complete as many fields as possible to ensure the best possible chance for accurate matches. Answers to these questions are part of your public McMatch user profile. Descriptions are available below each field.

  • Screen name
    This will be the name used in your public profile that will be visible to other McMatch users
  • Faculty or Program Selection for Fall 2021
    Indicate your faculty (i.e. Humanities, Engineering, Life Sciences, etc.) and/or your program of study (i.e. BTech, Nursing, Communications and Multimedia, etc.)
  • Year of Study for Fall 2021
    Undergraduate students please use 1-4 to indicate your current level
    Graduate students please use 5 to indicate graduate or PhD level
  • I prefer to live in single/mixed-gender housing
    Please select either “Single Gender Housing” or “Mixed Gender Housing”. You are able to edit and change your initial selection if required.
  • Gender Identity
    Please select your preferred gender identity from the provided list. If you select “Other” you have the option to self-identify in the text field below.
  • I own a pet and/or I am comfortable living with someone who has a pet
    Please select “Yes” or “No”.
  • I have allergies
    Please select “Yes” or “No”. Allergies may include environmental factors (i.e. animal dander, pollen, etc.), food allergies (i.e. nuts, dairy, etc.) or others.
  • I have dietary restrictions
    Please select “Yes” or “No”. Please indicate if you have a food allergy or dietary restriction that may require some consideration if sharing a fridge or pantry with others.
  • I smoke tobacco
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable living with a housemate who smokes tobacco
    Please select “Yes” or “No”.
  • I use cannabis
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable living with a housemate who uses cannabis
    Please select “Yes” or “No”.
  • I vape
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable living with a housemate who vapes
    Please select “Yes” or “No”.
  • I consume alcohol
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable living with a housemate who consumes alcohol
    Please select “Yes” or “No”
  • I tend to get up early – before 7:30 AM
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I tend to stay up late – past midnight
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable with a housemate having an overnight guest
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I am comfortable with a housemate having visitors of any gender
    Please select “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently”.
  • I prefer the bathrooms/common areas to be kept clean and tidy by all
    Please select “Yes” or “No”.
  • Maximum number of people I would like to live with:
    Please indicate how many people you would like to live with.
  • Maximum of monthly rent I can afford (excluding cost of utilities):
    Please indicate the amount of rent you will agree to pay. Properties around McMaster range from $400 to $650 per room, depending on the size of the property and number of bedrooms for rent. Utilities including electricity, water, gas, internet, etc. may be at an additional cost.
  • Earliest date I could move in:
    Please indicate the earliest date you are available to move in. If your preferred date is not in the dropdown box, please use select a date in the calendar field below.
  • Describe your personality to others:
    This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to other McMatch users. Share any information that may be relevant to finding a compatible housemate such as hobbies, interests, cooking styles, daily routines, etc. The more information you provide, the better understanding other McMatch Users would have of you as a potential housemate.
  • Is there anything else you want a future housemate to know in advance?
    Please list any important items that may not have been covered in questions above. You can also expand upon your previous entries and provide more information as needed.
    i.e. “I have asthma and cannot live with a housemate who smokes or has pets”.